2011 ClubSi Advertising: Who Will I Reach And How Much Does It Cost?

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Thank you for your interest in advertising on the website. No doubt one of your customers, staff members or fellow automotive industry professional referred you because has brought them customers. The community is an automotive lifesyle community with over 73,000 registered members. We are essentially the size of a specialized monthly automotive publication devoted to a targeted group of automotive enthusiasts.

As of November 2010, our daily unique user count is in excess of 22,300 per day and our page view count typically exceeds 300,000 per day! Those are important numbers and it gives you an idea of the exposure opportunity to build your brand or sell your product to a very targeted and enthusiastic audience. Once on, your banner will typically show between 15,000 and 22,000 times a day.

We provide a great opportunity to expose your company's product to. Our average site visit time is in excess of 19 minutes per user. Advertisers at have the opportunity to reach a highly focused online community and typically experience daily click-through rates between 1.5 - 3.5%.

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Who Are Members?

Age Group Demographics:

16 to 25: 22%

26 to 30: 34%

31 to 45: 32%

35 and over: 12%

Males 84%
Females 16%

College Graduate: 32%
Attending College now or have completed college courses: 42%

Planning to make engine/accessory purchase this year?
Yes: 94%
No: 6%

Amount Planning to spend on those purchases?
Under $1,000?: 8%
$1000 to $3,000?: 22%
$3001 to $5,000?: 48%
Over $5,000?: 18%
Not sure: 4%

What Are The Rotating Banner Ad Specifications?

Dimensions: 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high Byte size: <20,000 bytes Format: Animated GIF or JPG Animation: Permitted provided that it meets the above specifications Alternate Text: Maximum 100 characters Transparent Backgrounds: Not recommended. Rotation: Banner ads are displayed throughout the site and cannot be targeted to a specific section or page.

What About An Anchor Banner/Logo On The Home Page?

Text Link ads and Anchor Banner Specs/Pricing for Home Page, Minimum 3 month buy:
Dimensions: Text Link (45 characters) ($95.00/MO)

Front Page Text Link Advertising

Dimensions: 150 pixels wide by 240 pixels high ($375.00/MO)
Dimensions: 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high ($250.00/MO)
Dimensions: 120 pixels wide by 45 pixels high ($185.00/MO)

How Do I Get My Own Forum For My Company On

Exclusive Dedicated Forums
Exclusive ClubSi Forums (Such as Tires/Wheels or ?) with your company as moderator are available upon approval of Forum proposal and outline. Minimum 12 month contracts are required for Exclusive Forums. Cost is $300.00/mo. to $600.00/mo.

How Can I Email Automotive Enthusiasts By The Make and Model Vehicle They Own?

Now you can email automotive enthusiast who have given their permission to receive new product, event and sale information as it relates to the exact vehicle model they own. Marketing partner and SEMA Member can broadcast your email message to thousands. Cheaper and faster than regular mail, the cost for broadcasting is $250/1000 for under 10,000 emails or as low as $150.00/1000 when you broadcast to over 20,000 subscribers. Get an email subscriber count now!
If you would like more information on email broadcasting, email or call John Butler at the number below. You can visit the to learn more.

That All Sounds Great, Now How Do I Get Started Advertising On And Who Do I Contact?

Once you place your order below, our site owner/manager John Butler [email protected] (Phone: 310-363-0002) will give you a call to review your banner ad. If you are not sure about using the automatic banner ordering ecommerce system below, you can just call or email John too. Either way, once you have placed your order, send your banner artwork to [email protected].
For ad agencies, fax insertion orders to 310-454-4522. Email John Butler about Advertising

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Group Buy Postings:
Group Buy Posting on ClubSi. Allows posting for 1 product special or group buy. Posting will stay on ClubSi Group Buy section for a minimum of one month. Posting may be deleted after 30 days at management's discretion.: Ad/$20.00-mo
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Banner Ad Purchasing:
1 Month Ad Campaign on ClubSi 468x60 Banner Ad/$125.00-mo.
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